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Извержение вулканов (15 фото)

A photograph made available on 25 March 2010 showing locals silhoutted against the Eyjafjallajockull volcano in southern Iceland as it continues to erupt on 24 March 2010. Media reports on 25 March 2010 that nearly 600 people were moved from their homes at the weekend. Most have been allowed to return, although the residents of 14 farms are considered at risk and have been ordered to stay away. EPA/VILHELM GUNNERSSON ICELAND OUT UNTIL 27 MARCH 2010 +++(c) dpa — Bildfunk+++

Прошу проголосуй!
Ужас просто!!Лучше чем ужасС пивком потяетХороший прямВеликолепно! (Еще никто не голосовал)

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